Thursday, September 4, 2008

How to Admit Using Anti-anxiety Meds

When you ve accepted the benefits of better living through chemistry and anxiety stops ruling your life, some of your friends and family will wonder what happened to the old you! Then, they'll ask who to thank for the new one! Your response to queries is up to you: shut them out, prevaricate or fess up. But if you choose to divulge what s making the dynamic difference in your daily life, consider the following when you admit using anti-anxiety meds.

Quell the natural urge to scream, What was wrong with the old me? when people comment on your mellower approach to life, or suggest that you ve become a whole different person.

Choose your angle before admitting chemical aid: apologetic-- I didn t want to go there, but I just couldn t take it anymore, positive I decided to take charge of my mental welfare, humorous It was takes meds or do a geographic overhaul, and I couldn t afford the move, or ironic If I d known it would make me more popular, I d have taken drugs years ago.

Plan your response to Doubting-Thomasinas and addiction-minded AA friends who fear for your future. Either: a) research your medication's effectiveness and risks, then memorize for recital, or b) tell them how much more enjoyable life has become post-meds.

Embrace the new medically-enhanced you! Suppress the surfacing self-doubts about your former anxious state and simply accept that people are responding positively to the steps you ve taken to cope with your anxiety. Friendships may blossom, new habits may form, lifelong patterns can be broken; you may find that you can eat in restaurants alone, go to street fairs, speak to circus clowns, step over spiders or pole dance in public. Surprise yourself.

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